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     icon303 is an artist and poet from Upstate New York. Now, a transplant in South Florida with the Beast (his massive Cane Corso), he gets to work on and live his dream at the same time. icon303 has always felt the sand and waves bring a sense of clarity when there lacks any in the surrounding world.


     The "i" in "icon303" is lowercase on purpose, as icon303 believes he is less important than the message he brings. He spent most his life in trouble with his sharp tongue, and is not afraid of standing up for what he believes is right and for those in need.


     Along with a penchant for altruistic seppuku and massive canines, icon303 also thrives on anything creative: painting, music, epoxy, graffiti, illustration, comedy, photography, and graphic design. He loves helping others in brainstorming sessions and watching the ideas grow. 

     Rough and rebellious around the edges, icon303 loves with a heart as big as the ocean. Despite what life may throw, he has a knack for still noticing the beauty and love that the world has to offer and takes pride in the ability to show it to others.

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